Money Story

Money Story

Heal Your Money Story: Free Your Soul Self-Study (Digital Program)

I’ve worked with countless souls, just like you, who feel trapped in the constrictions of their money story and don’t know how to move beyond it. What if I told you that I have created a divine system of energy activations and powerful universal truths that will permanently shift your relationship with money and allow you to re-claim your divine birthright of infinite wealth and abundance?
Up until now, I have only shared it with my private clients. But, what if I shared with you, that by popular demand, I have created a way to deliver this to you in a very affordable way?
I’ve created a very special, life-changing 4-part audio series that give you the tools that I’ve use with thousands of others so that you can heal your money story permanently too!

Heal Your Money Story: Money & Relationships 10-Week Series

For years, I’ve been successfully coaching people around relationships and around money issues only to learn that there is a direct correlation between the two!!! After all, we are all in relationship with money, it just may not be the quality of relationship that we desire.
That’s why I’m thrilled to share a new group coaching program with that I’ve created just for your to help you dive deeper into healing your relationship with money and ALL of your other relationships so that you are finally experiencing relationship health in ALL areas of your life.
Money is a mirror for all relationships and this program is going to show you exactly how to identify what is being reflected back, how to heal it and move beyond it to create permanent money health and lasting wealth consciousness, loving, committed, deep relationships in all areas of your life, and so much more!

Heal Your Money Story Coaching Certification Program

This Is Your Special Invitation
To Help Me In My Mission
To Help Others Heal Their Money Story

I’m am so excited to connect with you about a very special opportunity that I’m bursting at the seams to share with you! You know how passionate I am about helping as many people as possible heal their money stories, right?! Well, I would love for you to join me on this mission!
You can get certified to teach others my system! Upon completion, you’ll be able to help others AND add more income streams to you business if you so chose. After I introduced the Soul Journeys Heal Your Money Story Digital Program in my store, many of the amazing participants contacted me to see if I could create a program that could teach them how to coach others in healing their money story. They were blown away with the miraculous results that they were experiencing and couldn’t wait to help others to the same. How amazing is that?!
The requests were so abundant, that upon reflection, I realized that creating a coaching program is in complete alignment with my mission; that is, having as many people as possible out there coaching others in the method that I downloaded to shift money stories once and for all. It truly is my heart’s work to help everyone release their money blocks so that they can finally start living their life to the fullest.