manpreethdillonI have been meditating using a “library” system since 2005 and was introduced to the Akashic Records during a trip to an ayurvedic resort in Kerala. A friend mentioned it and I was drawn to it instantly. I started researching what it was, where to get readings and teachers so I can learn about it as well. I was introduced to Baljit through another friend, who started working with me in my records. Soon I started the training and started to access my records through the Soul Journeys method.  Since my journey with the akashic records, I found my journey to be shift many things in my life from my beliefs about values, worthiness, self love and how I showed up in the world. I went from being a wall that was tough to connect with to being in my goddess self.  I loved how akashic records get to the core root of an issue, deal with it and allow us to anchor in new belief systems. This is how easy life is meant to be.
Currently I am living my life with passion and drive. I know I have a divine purpose and I am ready to fulfill it. My passion lies in supporting others in stepping into their essence in order to live their life in empowerment. It is my honor and pleasure to be of service to those who are on their own journeys.
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