Kim-SarrasinAfter supporting thousands of women in their love life for many years (and proudly achieving a 97% success rate for connecting women with their soulmate) – I knew I wanted to offer an even deeper level of healing for my clients.  This is when I decided to attend one of Jennifer’s retreats in Sedona to receive training with the Akashic Records. When I decide to go for something – I tend to go ‘full throttle” – so getting trained in all 3 levels of the Records within 3 days aligned perfectly with my fiery personality and enthusiasm!  And, as always, Jennifer over delivered. Her ability to ‘hold space’ for a large group of people doing deep, transformational work allowed me to have the biggest personal awakening, insights and shifts that helped me release many old limiting patterns I was aware of – and many hidden blocks I was blind to.
I am clear my willingness to go that deep for myself created a beautiful opening and safety for my clients to do the same for themselves. I love that I can now access Ancient Wisdom, Truth and the real Soul of my clients. As a result – my clients are able to achieve their goals at a much more accelerated pace. I am overjoyed to include Akashic Record readings to my list of services to support all the lovely ladies I serve around the world not only in their love life, but with money and their business as well. Thank you Jennifer & Record Keepers!
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