I have spent many years working in my Akashic Records with Jennifer and have studied under her to become a certified Akashic Record Consultant using the Soul Journey’s Method.  Jennifer has been AWEspiring to me and has encouraged and guided me to follow my own Spiritual path and achieve my quest with guided consultations to this day. She is powerful, loving & full of enormous wisdom.
As a young child I always knew that I had something that was unique to me that made me “different” from others.  I did not disclose this information to too many others until I was in my twenties.  I began doing readings for people working with the Angelic realm, after visiting Jennifer she let me know that I was already working in the Akashic Records only I was not calling it that!  I knew how incredible & miraculous working in my records with Jennifer was & as a result, I decided to fine tune my skills & make this my full time career to help others to really step into their truth & life path easily & effortlessly.  It is a never ending journey filled with so much enlightenment & empowerment for all!
Before consulting with Jennifer and experiencing the Akashic Records, my entire life felt as though it was in upheaval filled with insecurity, lack of, and I was living to make other’s happy, not myself.  I was clearly living an illusion.  Now I have learned a healthy balance.  One big lesson has been that if I am not happy first, I cannot help contribute to somebody else’s happiness or well being.  Today, I know how to step into a feeling of happiness in an instant thanks to Jennifer!  She is like a diamond, sparkling with clarity, joy & light!  I truly love her and am greatly appreciative for having been referred to her on my soul’s journey.
There have been so many shifts working with Jennifer as my consultant, coach and teacher.  Jennifer is all about truth, whether you like it or not!  This has been invaluable to me in order to really follow my path as a Lightworker.  I now am able to be in integrity with myself, hence, for others as well.  She is very serious about the work and has simply guided me to achieve results and make changes that were necessary to achieve permanent transformation.
To learn more about how I can support you on your journey, me and to book your sacred session, contact me at info@chiaralarizza.com