13 Most Important Questions for Your Business in 2014 As you prepare for 2014 and bring 2013 to a close, I wanted to inspire you to create your 2014 biz vision with ease, grace, and joy, so I’m sharing with you the 13 most important questions that I use in my own vision each year to create the “and better!”
I recommend that you create some sacred space, maybe even pull out some colored markers and/or paper to make it more vibrant and joyful, light a candle, turn on music that sets the tone and begin by really sitting with these questions:
1. What was my theme for 2013 and how well did I operate in alignment with that?
2. What have been my greatest inner and outer accomplishments in 2013?
3. What have I learned most about myself, about my business, and from clients?
4. What worked this past year (and why)?
5. What didn’t go as well (and why)?
6. What’s coming with me in 2014 on an inner and outer level (ie. insights, new way of being, certain programs, new pricing, etc)?
7. What’s not coming with me on an inner and outer level (i.e. patterns, certain team members, visibility issues, etc)?
8. What is my theme for 2014 (ie. expansion, visibility, growth, client attraction, more leverage, etc)?
9. Who do I need to be in order to create that with ease and grace?
10. What tangible business activities do I need to create, or release, in order to align with this theme (i.e. how you spend your time, high dividend marketing activities, new relationships, etc)?
11. What are the easiest and most enjoyable ways to generate more income through my business (and where should I best focus my time, resources, and energy to create this)?
12. What mantra am I going to work with in my business over the next 30 days to create this theme?
13. What levels of support do I need to create this theme (ie. accountability partner, coach, good biz books, etc)?
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